Positive end to 2012 as recruitment rises and application irregularities fall

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2012 closed on a positive note with analysis of HireRight’s EMEA screenings in December 2012 
showing hiring rates 16.25% up compared with the same period in 2011. There was also some respite from the trend of increasing irregularities in pre-employment screening checks – the final quarter of 2012 found the number of applications containing at least one discrepancy to be at its lowest point for 12 months. However, the prevalence of irregularities is still alarmingly high (51% of all EMEA screenings) and continues to rise year on year, with a 100% increase in just two years.

Professional qualifications and memberships were revealed to be particularly vulnerable to résumé lies or embellishments. 30% of these verifications undertaken in the last three months of 2012 contained an inconsistency between the information provided by the candidate and the results of our verification checks – a 125% rise in the last two years.  Also susceptible to misrepresentation between October and December 2012 were employment history (29% of checks contained a discrepancy) and education checks (28% of checks contained a discrepancy).

Over the last 12 months, application irregularities relating to ID documents, professional qualifications and memberships, employment and education have all become more widespread whilst the amount of discrepancies in credit checks and directorship verifications has declined.

As employers reinvigorate their recruitment efforts for 2013, competition between candidates will be fierce. HireRight warns companies to be mindful of the frequency of application lies and urges them to ensure a robust background screening program is in place to help hire the most appropriate candidates and combat internal fraud risks.

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