5 Biggest Screening Concerns of 2017

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HR professionals are under increasing pressure year on year, helping businesses grow through correct recruitment, whilst simultaneously enhancing the culture of the business – time is precious.

Unsurprisingly, our latest research emphasises this point, with ‘reducing time to hire’ once again the top screening concern in the HR industry. 55% of those surveyed recognised this as a key concern, putting it far ahead of the other concerns. However, the 2017 EMEA Employment Screening Benchmark Report also highlights the growing importance of ensuring a good candidate experience, leapfrogging into second place.

The increased importance on the candidate experience shows that HR teams understand the growing power of the candidate and that a decision to choose a job extends beyond the job description and package on offer. It is increasingly a candidate’s market, and it is now crucial for recruiters to do all they can to ensure a positive experience.

Some of the HR professionals surveyed indicated that they already have measures in place to improve the candidate experience. 62% currently send follow up communication to all candidates, with 66% producing candidate friendly emails. We expect both of these to increase over time as the candidate’s expectations heighten. Lastly, the report revealed that 30% of those surveyed are introducing mobile-friendly applications in the recruitment process. With the world becoming more technology led in recent times, don’t be surprised to see this number increase, with more and more candidates now searching, and applying, for jobs via their mobile phone.

But these are not the only screening concerns for HR teams in 2017.

As well as these concerns, HR professionals also have impending Brexit to consider. See what Brexit could mean for screening and the wider HR industry.

Final thought: Putting candidates at the heart of screening is only going to increase in importance in 2017. What you do now could have a great impact on your recruitment through the year.

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To see the latest trends in the USA, see our regional report.

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